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Welcome to the new school year! This is the beginning of an exciting year. In the seventh grade, science is divided into two sections, one semester of "Life Science" and one semester of Health".

"Health is a one semester course in which a major emphasis is to develop basic concepts, values, and skills needed for effective decision-making in matters of personal, family, and community health. Health education helps students to grow in awareness of life coping skills that promote optimal physical, mental, and social well-being. It fulfills the requirements of the California Education Code (51202, 51203, 51262, 51880-51890) concerning instructions in personal and public safety and...., including venereal diseases, and the effects of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, and tobacco on the human body. Included as well are the protection and conservation of resources and the necessity for protection of our environment."

In another semester students are enrolled in a "Life Science" class.  "The major purpose of the science course is to provide all students with science concepts and ideas that build upon the students' K-6 experience.  Emphasis will be placed on Investigation and Experimentation, Next Generation Standards, and ISTE Standards. The 7th grade science class will be an inquiry-based approach and will establish connections between the various disciplines of Earth/Space Science, physical science, human impact and engineering, with a focus on life science. Emphasized will be cross cutting concepts of energy and matter, such as flows, cycles, conservation and cause and effect."

Each student has received an agenda book that they are expected to bring daily to class. This is to ensure that your child's assignments and academic responsibilities have been documented and reviewed by you. It is critical that you check the homework and sign the agenda book daily as an indication that you have reviewed your child's academic responsibilities. The agenda has been proven to be an effective communication tool for students, teachers and parents/guardians.

I am very excited to have your child in my class!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through this website, or call at 818-773-5800Also, I am available to help students daily at nutrition and lunch, as well as after school on Fridays.


California State Standards