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Student Handbook

Cell Phone Policy
  • Students may use district-owned or district-approved devices for accessing and completing class assignments.
  • Students are not permitted to charge personal devices using classroom charging stations.   
  • Students are not permitted to use personal listening devices such as headphones and earpods during the instructional day. They must be stored in the student’s backpack or bag.
  • Students are permitted to possess cellular phones, and pagers on campus provided that any such device remains OFF (NOT ON VIBRATE) and is stored in a backpack, or purse ONLY.
  • These devices may NOT be in a pocket or anywhere on a student’s person.
  • Students are permitted to use cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices AFTER SCHOOL ONLY in the PE/Youth Services area.
  • Students must comply any time a request is made by school personnel to cease the use of a cellular telephone, pager, or other electronic signaling devices.
  • If such a device is observed or heard by staff, excluding after school in the PE/Youth Services area, it shall be confiscated until redeemed by a parent or guardian.
  • Repeat offenders will be subjected to further consequences.
  • An exception to this policy may be granted by the site administrator to meet the health needs of a student.
Electronic Devices
Electronic devices, such as music players, and portable video games, are not permitted and will be confiscated if observed or heard by staff.
  • Counselors are in the Grade Level Offices located in the Administration Building. Each student has a grade level counselor to help with educational programs and assist with personal problems. The student may see his/her counselor by:
  • Going to the appropriate office before or after school.
  • Requesting permission from his/her classroom teacher. This classroom method should be used in cases of emergency only.
  • Completing a “Request to See Counselor” form which is available in the Grade Level Offices.
  • Counselors will summon students during the day when time permits. This is the preferred method.
Arranging a Meeting with a Counselor
Parents and guardians wishing to speak with a counselor are advised to call to determine whether their concerns may be handled via phone. If a meeting is necessary, an appointment is preferred, as the counselors are continuously engaged in serving student needs. Please note, if you have any concerns regarding your child’s grades, please call the main office to set up an appointment with the child’s teachers first.
Enrollment of Students
  • A parent/guardian must present the following for enrollment to be processed:
  • Valid Photo I.D.
  • Student’s Birth certificate
  • Student’s current immunization records
  • Address verification: Current gas/light bill ( State or Federal )
  • Previous school records
Emergency Cards
At the beginning of the year, an Emergency Card is to be filled out and returned to school. This card is required in case of emergency and to contact a person to give approval for immediate care. If during the year, any of the emergency card information changes, please notify the Attendance Office. We cannnot release any student to any adult who is not listed on the emergency card. Please make sure information is always up to date and accur
Change of Address / Phone Number
Please notify the Attendance Office of any change in your address or telephone number within 30 days.
Checking Out of School
If you move and will be attending a new school, you must notify the Attendance Office and officially check out of Sutter Middle School. All school textbooks and property must be returned before you will be cleared to attend another school. A parent/guardian must provide the new address for a student to officially Check-out from school.

Report Cards
Each semester there are 4 mark reporting periods. Progress Reports are sent home every five weeks. These reports inform parents of the progress that students are making in their classes. There will be 3 progress reports each semester, with a final Report Card mailed home at the end of the semester. Markings will be made for every subject in which the child is enrolled. The following review of marks is provided for you:
D........................... Barely Passing/In Danger of Failing
CITIZENSHIP MARKS (Work Habits and Cooperation)
Bicycle Rules
Bicycle racks are available for the convenience of students but the District assumes no responsibility for theft or damage. Bicycles left on school grounds are not covered by any insurance. Students who ride bicycles to school must observe the following rules: IT’S THE LAW - Children ages 17 and under must wear a bicycle helmet whenever riding a bicycle.
All students are to observe the safety rules, codes, and ordinances as described here.
  • All bicycles are to be locked in a bike rack
  • Bicycles may not be ridden on the campus or on walkways. Bicycles left on the school grounds are the responsibility of the owner.
The Bicycle rack is located in-between the bungalows
  • Students must enter from the side gate on Winnetka Avenue.
  • The bike rack is open immediately at the close of school and locked up at 8 a.m.
  • The school and LAUSD are not responsible for bicycles parked on our campus
Skateboards, roller blades, and scooters are never permitted on campus. They must be turned in to school personnel upon entering campus. They will be returned at the end of the day.
Each student should have the phone numbers of two other students in each class in order to obtain class assignments for short-term absences. For long-term absences (more than one week), homework should be requested from the Grade Level Office. Homework assignments will be available in the Grade Level Office after school the following day.
All lost and found items are to be sent to the Student Store. All personal property should have the owner’s name and grade for easy identification. Items not claimed will be disposed of at the end of the year.
The Student Store is on the East side of the Cafeteria Building. At the Student Store, students can buy many supplies at reasonable prices: notebooks, pencils, erasers, book covers, folders, compasses, rulers, composition books, notebook paper, etc.
Gym clothes for boys and girls, as well as the Sutter polo shirt, are also available in a full range of sizes. All profits from the Student Store are used for the students and the school. Therefore, students will be helping the school when they patronize the Student Store. It is open before and after school, during nutrition and lunch.