Having Issues Connecting to WiFi?

Is your LAUSD iPad not connected to WiFi away from school? If so your VPN is the issue. Please follow these steps to solve the issue.


  1. Make sure iPad is on latest operating system
    1. Settings ->General->About
    2. Latest operating system is 13.3.1
      1. If it is not, please update the device.
  2. Turn Cellular Data and roaming data on
    1. Settings->Cellular Data -> Toggle Switch to Green ( on )
      1.  Also turn on Data Roaming
  3. Hard Reset/Reset iPad
    1. Hold the Home Button and Power button until the iPad reboots
  4. Reinstall Global Protect
    1. Turn off WiFi
    2. Hold the Global Protect icon down and then press delete App. Reinstall from the LAUSD App Catalog
      1.   Current version is 5.1.2 (the one with the Globe and Check mark)
    3. Open Global Protect and press yes to allow notifications
    4. Click the three lines in the upper right hand corner. Student’s email address (without the domain) should appear. If not, redo beginning at 4.b.
    5. Turn WiFi back on. In the upper left corner you should see the WiFi symbol and VPN notification appear.
  5. Turn off Request Desktop Site
    1. Settings -> Safari -> Scroll down and look for ‘Request Desktop site’ and open the menu-> Turn off toggle switch
  6. Turn off pop up blocker
    1. Settings -> Safari -> Scroll down to ‘ Block Pop ups-> Turn off toggle switch.
WiFi Connection Flow Chart.png